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Services and Programs

Be a Volunteer or Make a Donation

What We Do 

    Logistical and financial support to: 

      • Six pastors and their families in greater Accra, Brong Ahafo, Eatern and Volta regions
      • Fourteen Fulanis in Greater Accura, Brong Ahafo, and Eastern regions.
      • Two orphanages in Greater Accura and Central Regions
      •  Educational support to seven Fulani children
       Assisting two churches to:
      • Build church buildings
      • Provision of musical instruments for two churches
      Distribution of: 
      • Mosquito nets to rural pregnant woman and children.
      • Clothing to rural people
      • Widow Food Bundles
      Provide Empowerment and Leadership Programs: 
      • Women empowerment programs in eight churches in five regions
      • Leadership training for church leaders in three churches in three regions
      • Evangelical and Mission activities in numerous rural and urban communities
      Provide Outreach: (scroll down for further information)
      • Mission Trips
      • Outreach in the City
      • Safe House for Child Brides
      • Shoes

This Grace of Giving wants to demonstrate Gods love through good works to ​those in need. 

Mission Trips

We try to do two trips per month. Each trip starts with a four hour drive into the bush. A typical trip is three days long, with three team members.  Normally a pre-meeting is conducted with the village or community Leader to coordinate approval of activities. This helps to ensure that the team can conduct their activities safely. 

Sometimes we start with a soccer tournament.   This brings out the youth of the community to play and the adults to watch. After the    competition there are prizes given. Followed by an evening showing of the Jesus. This film is special because it tells the story of Jesus in the dialect understood by the village. Sometimes this is the first time people have seen a film and often it is the first time they have heard the story of Jesus.

 On Sunday there is a service with opportunities. This is followed by a fellowship by sharing a meal. Clothing, shoes, mosquito nets, food, and water are distributed according to need.

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father is this: To care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep ones self unstained by the world. James 1:27

An additional way we try to serve the community is to provide Widow bundles. Each bundle contains the basic food ingredients needed for one one person for a month. They contain rice, oil, tomatoes, and sardines and cost approximately $15.

Setting up the Jesus film on a Mission Trip

You can participate in a Mission trip.  Please contact us for information on costs and availablity.  Read about past participants experiences under the Latest Strides and Stories page.

Outreach in the City

This outreach takes three forms. First is supporting orphans and women in need. The main point of help is by supporting Fern House. This sanctuary also provides support to women who are in a crisis pregnancy.

There are other projects worked as they come to light. Examples include Coordinating all the resources needed to get an entire neighborhood of women their medical insurance cards. This has improved their and their families lives immeasurably.

A set of tools to allow a young man to work on cars to be able to make a living to support his extended family.

Bread baking oven

Small store - Woman took further initiative to repackage fuel to better serve her customers.

Child Brides

Even though the Government of Ghana does not condone child brides, the bush communities still practice, This tradition continues due to poverty. The family does not have enough resources to feed, clothe and educate their children. To alleviate this shortage daughters are offered as child brides when the opportunity presents itself.

Caught in this cycle girls as young as 8 or 9 become child brides. Sadly once they are married (often to a much older man) they become his property. When he becomes tired of them, they are discarded. They can't go back to their families who can't support them and because they lack education or any type job training they have no way to support themselves.

We have started to build a safe house to shelter girls who are caught in this situation. The goal is to give them a place to live while they attend local school or a trade school. The land has already been purchased the foundation laid and the walls have started to go up.  Please consider your support by donating to complete this building.


We have joined forces with Because International to provide shoes to those in need.  If you would like to participate visit Janine Hamelly's fundraiser Because page at   Thank you Janine for coordinating this important project.

This Grace of Giving Update

How can you help?

There are so many ways you can support this Ministry.  Donations large or small can have a positive impact on many lives.  Just consider what your donations might help to support.

  $15 pays for a Widow bundle.  This provides a months worth of basic staples (rice, oil, sardines and tomatoes)

  $100 pays for school tuition for a Rescued Child Bride

  $150 pays for living expenses of a local Pastor for a month

  $100 supports the Childrens orphanage for a month

   Support a Mission Trip to the bush

   $250 pays for a Soccer Tournament - Includes Uniforms for the winners, Jerseys for 2nd place team and a ball for the 3rd place team

   $100 pays for gas

   $125 pays for lodging 

   $75 pays for food


  Child Bride Safe House

  You can help to build the Safe house by contributing any of the following 

  $25 pays for 25 cement blocks 

  $120 pays for a window

  $150 pays for a door

  $20 pays for 10 bags of concrete

We prayerfully Thank Y​ou for any support you may be able to give!